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Apurva Singhi
2 min readMay 1, 2021


I am watching Berkshire Hathway Annual Meeting and often wonder what a grand scale this event is being conducted and celebrated every year. There is always a takeway even though sometimes its just criticism of it . Though Berkshire Hathway is a stock but it works more than a portfolio for its investor which is diversified and invests in some of the best companies of the world. I often wonder if someday we have mutual fund houses coming out same way and talking about the companies this way giving us the wisdom of it.

April was very volatile month for equity and Index dint moved much excepts few volatile strokes on either side but some sectors were gainers. In Debt Markets uncertainity arises but we have been beneficiary of the recent rebalancing done. The best performer was the Gold fund which yielded 7% and Global Funds around 6% where we recently increased our allocation. It was the result session and its still going but currently we are caught between Good Global and Bad Local events due to corona. Portolio delievered 2.5% over last month.Quiet a good performance for this design!

Portfolio Inception: 31/10/2020 (How we created it ?)

Portfolio Theme/Suitability :This is a generic portfolio suitable for medium risk profile with medium (5 years) to Long term(15 years) horizon to get the best out of all the asset class. Someone who is looking for Above Fixed returns taking help of equity to beat the inflation. And with our routine rebalancing and tactical moves we would try to achieve this goal for a lumpsum investments.

Portfolio Corpus : 10 lacs

Portfolio Value(As on 30/04/21) : 11.00 lacs

Targeted Return (CAGR): 10 %

Achieved Return (CAGR) : 20.08%

Portfolio Asset wise Performance:

You may also want to know how did we create this portfolio and which factors drives us to choose a scheme that will help us achieve and beat the target by miles in the long term by going through this article.

Disclaimer: Kindly note this portfolio should not be replicated without consulting your advisor . Your execution should be backed by proper risk profiling and suitability check before investing. Portfolio Returns tends to be non-linear but will smoothen over the period of time.



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