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Apurva Singhi
3 min readOct 31, 2020

This is my first attempt to create a portfolio to help the Indian Investors at large to build wealth or meet their financial goals . Since last few years we are bombarded with loads of information and tools over internet giving us microscopic to macroscopic views of different financial assets which has only added to the confusion. It also had driven the new enthusiastic investor to invest into everything that has given good returns in past beyond their expectations and this is the biggest mistake that one does. Ask the older ones who walked this path few years ago who came with same expectations and their portfolios are still underperforming the expectations they had. Can there be cure to it ? Yes. I would deliver these insights in coming times about the mistakes that one does and how once should avoid the same. If you start reducing wrong financial decisions, you will start improving the right ones.

Just the way 5+5 adds to 10, there could be many different combination of numbers which may add to give 10. Similarly there are many paths to reach your desire financial freedom .You may set a return expectation, which could be met by investing in one asset class or may be its a combination of different assets delivering different returns but a consolidated target return . This depends widely upon the underlying risk-reward scenario of the asset and probability of market to play in your favor so that you can achieve you desired returns.

So to navigate you through this tough journey which will be full of uncertainties, I will hold your hand to guide you towards the right path.

Below is the first step towards that journey. Its a very simple yet very intuitive model portfolio. Loads of research work, tiring nights and back-testing has gone under to reach this simplicity of making money.

Benchmark: Target Returns-10% Annual Compounding

Desired Profile :

This is a generic portfolio suitable for medium risk profile with medium (5 years) to Long term(15 years) horizon to get the best. Someone who wants to venture from Fixed returns like FD should benefit as well out of it.And with our routine rebalancing and tactical moves we would try to achieve this goal for a lumpsum investments.

Portfolio Analytics:

Table — 1 — Equity Allocation
Table - 2- Debt Allocation

Monthly update on the portfolio with its performance or required changes will be posted regularly. In coming posts I will uncover the recipe to make desired portfolios and also how can we make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create portfolios.

Disclaimer: Kindly note this portfolio should not be replicated without consulting your advisor . Your execution should be backed by proper risk profiling and suitability check before investing. Portfolio Returns will be non-linear but will smoothen over the period of time.



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