Monthly Portfolio — April,21

Apurva Singhi
2 min readApr 1, 2021

Finally an end to a year where the world almost got doomed & sprang back to a new life. Likewise most of the month throughout the year were volatile for all the asset classes. Each asset class had wide movement range from all time highs to abrupt lows. This year loads of money was printed across by central bank led by US ,the effect of which will be felt in a slow manner when in 2030 suddenly everyone will realize that inflation had eaten a large portion of their real money, by more than 100% from what it was in 2020 . Only option is to save & invest where it beats inflation with at least 4-5% margin.

March was again a volatile month and the portfolio once again was flexible enough to withstand that and ended in green, though a minor . This gives us the confidence that we are there on track.

Portfolio Inception: 31/10/2020 (How we created it ?)

Portfolio Theme/Suitability :This is a generic portfolio suitable for medium risk profile with medium (5 years) to Long term(15 years) horizon to get the best out of all the asset class. Someone who is looking for Above Fixed returns taking help of equity to beat the inflation. And with our routine rebalancing and tactical moves we would try to achieve this goal for a lumpsum investments. Core Portfolio which is like 72.5% gave us green shoots. 10% of portfolio which is a satellite portfolio was volatile and ended in red. Gold, our 17.5% hedge was stable enough to end in green

Portfolio Corpus : 10 lacs

Portfolio Value(As on 31/03/21) : 10.76 lacs

Targeted Return (CAGR): 10 %

Achieved Return (CAGR) : 16.68%

Portfolio Asset wise Performance:

March,21- Monthly Performance

You may also want to know how did we create this portfolio and which factors drives us to choose a scheme that will help us achieve and beat the target by miles in the long term by going through this article.

Disclaimer: Kindly note this portfolio should not be replicated without consulting your advisor . Your execution should be backed by proper risk profiling and suitability check before investing. Portfolio Returns tends to be non-linear but will smoothen over the period of time.



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