The Real Wealth Creators

Apurva Singhi
1 min readMar 6, 2022
Biggest Wealth creating CEO/MD’s of the last decade

A journey which is understood by the long term investors only as they create wealth day by day, month by month by month and year by year.

The above infographic tells about the biggest and consistent wealth creators of the last decade.

They are the reason that you Equity Portfolio or Mutual Fund Portfolio gave higher return.

These are alpha male that lead to creation of alpha for you.

The management should be the first filter before selection of any company to invest as they are the captain of the ship and will make a very big difference to the businesses.

Disclaimer:- This infographic is only for the information purpose. This data is taken from the nifty 500 universe. In many of the companies, the CEO was not given so we have taken the Managing director or the founder of the company. To check with the current position of the CEO we have checked their LinkedIn profile and annual report of the company.



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