Retirement Planning

Apurva Singhi
2 min readDec 22, 2021

Retirement Planning is one of the sub-step of entire financial planning process and should be taken into account when you are in wealth accumulation phase i.e having active incomes from economic activity.

The way Insurance Company covers the risk of death, similarly your Retirement Plan will cover the risk of living as sustainable cashflow become very essential. Two most important Ingredient for Retirement Planning is Cashflow & Health Management for any Indian.

One specific question comes to me is at what specific time should we start planning for retirement when one start his income from say 21or 25 years of age.

First phase of our jobs or businesses are often when most expenditures are planned like Marriage,Further Education, House, Cars, Holidays etc. Hence most likely savings and investments tend to get accumulated and diverted to fulfill these specific goals.

Second phase starts when incomes are more stable, mostly as you go beyond 35. Superficial Planning via insurance or forced PF/PPF contributions forms the major contributors in the kitty. A serious thought and plan is required at this stage as this may be the most fertile leg with higher incomes and higher savings/investment rate , a good corpus for your retirement can be built up.

Instruments are many which a financial planner can guide but its the mindset which is missing and more often than not becomes the reason for the last week headlines in ET which mentions 80% Urban Indians are not ready for retirment.

It becomes very difficult to plan for retirement at 60 & beyond without atually liquidating a hard asset if sufficient financial assets are not created.

Ideal period to start cashflow is once you have stopped getting an active income.

There are many retirement solutions one can think of like Equity,Mutual Fund Portfolio, PF’s, FD’s,Bonds, Gold, Annuity Plans etc. We like all of them. No one is better than other when focus is Retirment as all have its own merits. The same fix deposit which is considered as inefficient for wealth creation process becomes an effective choice when planning for retirment.

At Siddhanam capital, we help clients execute their Retirement plan once they are clear on their retirments goals by creating a mix of all the above assets -Equity, Mutual Fund Portfolio, PF’s, FD’s,Bonds, Gold, Annuity Plans etc.

Lastly, one very important component is Taxation and it should be considered as it will eat a good part of gains of your retirement portfolio

Disclaimer: Google & other online platforms have made us real wise in making decisions. But still you would prefer a doctor to diagnose & recommend you a medication . Similarly one should always get hold of a professional who would diagnose you better and offer you right financial advise to help achieve your goals.



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