Monthly Portfolio — Dec,20

This is the second update on the portfolio which we have created in November. Its a multi-assets portfolio with the objective to generate 10% annually. This month Indian equity had one of the better runs. International Equity too gave stupendous returns. Debt was pretty stable. Gold lost its shine and had some profit bookings. Portfolio worked exactly as anticiapted giving us the best of the best worlds and at the same time protecting us from uncertainty.

Portfolio Inception: 31/10/2020

Portfolio Theme/Suitability :This is a generic portfolio suitable for medium risk profile with medium (5 years) to Long term(15 years) horizon to get the best out of all the asset class. Someone who is looking for Above Fixed returns taking help of equity to beat the inflation. And with our routine rebalancing and tactical moves we would try to achieve this goal for a lumpsum investments.

Portfolio Corpus : 10 lacs

Portfolio Value(As on 1/12/20) : 10.41 lacs

Targeted Return (CAGR): 10 %

Achieved Return (CAGR) : 50.28%

Portfolio Asset wise Performance:

Portfolio Analytics:

Disclaimer: Kindly note this portfolio should not be replicated without consulting your advisor . Your execution should be backed by proper risk profiling and suitability check before investing. Portfolio Returns tends to be non-linear but will smoothen over the period of time.

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