Checklist for 2022 you do not want to miss !

Apurva Singhi
2 min readDec 29, 2021

2022 is going to be an exciting year !

Practically this would be the first year of the decade as last one was wasted due to pandemic.

Though we will begin with a threat of the virus, I am still very hopeful this will not last very long and we would get in better situation in second half of the year.

Though you will see lots of checklist like best movies,best series, best events of 2021.I thought of compiling a checklist from personal finance perspective.

The world around us is changing very fast , though its embraced by young ones comfortably but still many find it difficult to adapt.

“Everything around you will change even if you dont change”- Apurva Singhi

This checklist is a fresh checklist to help you give some ideas for your New Year Resolutions. Lets not talk about that Yoga & Gym again this year.

  1. Go Global. Even with your investing.
  2. Hire an advisor. You cannot run your ship all alone. The financial ecosystem is disrupting very fast. New Opportunities created, Old ones are destroyed.
  3. Dont delay your financials decisions. Wealth creation happens from the moment you take action and not just thinking on sidelines.
  4. Investments decision sometimes doesnt turn as expected. Dont hold bad apples for long. Take Action.
  5. Holding properties or investing in mutual funds or FD’s is not retirement planning that most of us think today. Its about cashflow, security ,health & inheritance.
  6. Educate yourself in Basics of Investing ,Pharmacy ,Taxes & Laws this year.
  7. Educate yourself with technology this year. Learn to use gadgets thats makes life more functional & comfortable
  8. Understand what is web3 ,blockchain, Defi & NFT’s. Dont get overwhelmed by current ecosystem because coming 5 years it will be totally different.
  9. If you have never read books, try to start with 6 books this year.( Message me and I shall recommend you some good ones )
  10. Review, Review & Review. Long term investing is not about buy & forget. Its a continous process of weeding out the bad ones so that good ones can flower and shower the real fruits upon us.



Apurva Singhi

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